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How high is your flag?

In Italy, I often see flags. The Italian flag seems to be everywhere. The display of national pride is inspiring. But, I’ve also noticed that often there is flag above…

3 rules to great Italian cooking

I’ve found three simple rules that ensure wonderful Italian cooking.  FreshFresh ingredients make the best food. Visit the market every day. Preferably an open air market. LocalLocal ingredients are a…
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Pre-order vs Dont forget to lockup

Last week I had an experience here in the US, that isn’t imaginable in Italy. I was reserving a table for dinner. At the completion of the reservation process they…

Pride in a profession

(OOPS), As I started this post yesterday, I pressed ‘publish’ instead of save. I apologize for the extra email in your in-box.   In Italy, workers are proud of their chosen…

How good is your sausage?

I like sausage. It was in Emila Romagna, the region commonly reputed to have the best food in all of Italy, where I first experienced the best I’d ever had.…
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An Italian house for only a euro?

Having purchased a home in Italy several years ago, friends have told me “You could’ve gotten one of those homes for only a euro.” Could it be? Did I make a…
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Take a hike

Italians walk a lot. Tourists often return commenting on how much they walked while in Italy. This quantity of time on foot may be new for those who constantly dream…

I Love

Sir Elton John says this about Italy: I loveplaces that have an incredible history. I lovethe Italian way of life. I lovethe food. I lovethe people. I lovethe attitudes of…

20 things to do, after visiting Italy

To maximize your visit to Italy, there are things you can do to make it an even better trip. But, different from most suggestions, these are for AFTER your return.…
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