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You may have the universe if I may have Italy

You may have the universe

I love quotes. Others are so much more eloquent, so I’ll add quotes from time to time, to help express my feelings about Italy.  “You may have the universe if…
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Where’s home?

What do we call home? In the US – we are Americans first, then our state (Colorado for me), then local community. We generally skip over the county – as far as…
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Pasta Fritta with Prosciutto and Straccino

This is one of my absolute favorite treats in Italy. Simply, it‘s fried dough. Bagfuls of fresh, hot pasta frita are often sold at festivals with just a little salt. But, at…
Crazy Italian Drivers

Who’s crazy?

Who’s crazy? Everyone thinks that the Italians are crazy drivers. They pass on the right. When they pass on the left, they simply come up on you and squeeze you over to…

Where’s the cookbook?

I noticed something while spending time in the kitchens of some of my italian friends. They have very few, if any, cookbooks. They cook without direction or guidance from a…

Go ahead, make their day!

Want to make someone’s day? Pick someone, a friend or a stranger – it doesn’t matter. Buy them an espresso. Pick up their tab at the bar. It’s only a…

There’s nothing in the fridge…

While house hunting I was staying with some friends that I’d met from across the ocean while on my search . They had a wonderful little home for sale that…
Pizza on the terrace

Absolutely the best pizza

Everyone has their opinions on the ‘best pizza’ in town, in italy, in the world… What’s funny is people listen to each other, and then disagree. They ask where the…
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