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My neighbor drives a Lamborghini!

In the USA there’s a lot of emphasis on what one drives. A person’s car makes a statement about them. In Italy they also appreciate a good ride, but it’s not always what you think. 

David, my Italian neighbor, drives a vintage Lamborghini. He doesn’t take it out very often, but when he does you can hear it. It’s got a really deep, rumbly, throaty sound to it. This thing has incredible power and torque. It holds tight on the corners even at full throttle. His is a rare topless model – that really lets you feel the wind in your hair.

It would shock Lamborghini purists that he doesn’t keep it in a garage, and drives primarily on the dirt roads near our village. I doubt it’s insured, nor licensed.

He’s never offered to let me take it for a drive, though I dream of it. Men can be possessive and protective of these things. I’ve never driven a Lamborghini, and I’d promise to keep the speeds to a reasonable level. Maybe one of these years. Maybe after he sees this post!!!??? 

Did you know that in addition to making bulldozers, Lamborghini also builds tractors? And sports cars too? Fellow Italian manufacturer Ferrari, along with making tractors, also produces sports cars. Ferrari tractors come of course in Ferrari Red, but also a green very similar to an American tractor manufacturer. Who knew?

David, if you’re reading this, can I take the bulldozer for a spin?

P.S. There’s a funny book, the story of a man who ended up driving a bulldozer, instead of his planned rental car though Tuscany – “My Italian Bulldozer“.


Eatalianos love their vehicles!

2 thoughts on “My neighbor drives a Lamborghini!”

  1. Nick and Alyson just got a new central heating boiler. Guess what — it’s a Lamborghini! Maybe they’ll let you drive it if David won’t let you near the bulldozer.

    1. I’d be happy ‘firing up the Lamborghini’… Though, may not be desirable for them, when I get there – late July…

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