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Flags in italy

How high is your flag?

In Italy, I often see flags. The Italian flag seems to be everywhere. The display of national pride is inspiring.

But, I’ve also noticed that often there is flag above the Italian flag.

In the US, by law, the national flag is always in the highest position. There is an exception when flags of recognized nations are present – the flags are displayed at equal levels on separate poles. Strict flag etiquette is taught to our youth repeatedly, both in school and in organizations like the Scouts. The US flag flies above all.

In Italy I’ve seen the flags of communes, villages, NGOs all flown above the national flag.

I believe the Italians see a bigger, more important picture. Celebrating a local community or a valued organization doing social good are to be recognized high on the pole, above other political interests.

How high is your flag? 


fly their flag high!

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