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Pride in a profession

In Italy, workers are proud of their chosen profession. It is important and a source of personal pride. 

It doesn’t matter the job. From high-end executive positions to street cleaners. From Carabinieri (the military police) to the baristi (coffee preparers and bartenders). From teachers to tour guides. They all take pride in their role in the economic society. They have an attitude of “I love my job, and I’ll do it for the rest of my life”.

The citizenry in turn respects these individuals. It’s easier to treat someone with respect, who has respect for themselves. It’s a cycle that builds on itself.

Jobs there aren’t considered transitory. People aren’t working only until they find something better, or until they finish school. They take their roles seriously. It’s not just a job, but a  profession, a career.

The results of this subtle mental attitude are profound. The workers are happier in their work. The quality of their work product is better. They are more efficient. They stay at their place of employment longer.

 For their employers, turnover is less, and there’s less ‘managing’ needed. The employees seem to take on more responsibility for knowing what needs doing and getting it done.  Consumers reap the benefit of someone who really cares about doing something for them. Better product, better service.

The attitude is that “I’m doing this because I love it.” With that, it’s not about the money, the tips but about a personal satisfaction of a job well-done. 

Of course there are always exceptions, but in general, Eatalianos are proud of their professions. 


Eatalianos are proud of their profession, and it shows.

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