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Find your Italy

Eatalianos… A blog about discovering life lessons in Italy. Of course the Italians would cry over the improper grammar of my made up term Eatalianos. …

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Bagni di Lucca Umbrellas

Introducing Eatalianos

Food & Drink We Eatalianos – we love everything that surrounds food and drink. The four C's of Cooking, Consumption, Community and Cleanup too. Join …

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Clark Hodge - headshot

Clark Hodge – blogger

Hi, I’m Clark, your blogger. I first came to Italy over 30 years ago. It wasn’t for almost 25 more years that I could return, …

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Recent posts

Italy Lighthouse

An Italian house for only a euro?

Having purchased a home in Italy several years ago, friends have told me “You could’ve gotten one of those homes for only a euro.” Could it be? Did I make a …

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Take a hike

Italians walk a lot. Tourists often return commenting on how much they walked while in Italy. This quantity of time on foot may be new for those who constantly dream …

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Elton John Mantova Italy

I Love

Sir Elton John says this about Italy: I loveplaces that have an incredible history. I lovethe Italian way of life. I lovethe food. I lovethe people. I lovethe attitudes of …

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20 things to do, after visiting Italy

To maximize your visit to Italy, there are things you can do to make it an even better trip. But, different from most suggestions, these are for AFTER your return. …

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Parla italiano, not yet…

I have to learn Italian. I’ve fought it, and made a million excuses. I’m embarrassed that I’ve owned a house for nearly 4 years and can’t speak more than a …

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Dante - Montefegatesi

I still don’t speak Italian

Time for another quote… “And then there was you. You changed everything I believed in. You know that line from Dante that I quoted to you in the park? ‘L’amor …

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Pasta and Bread

Bread isn’t a course, it’s a utensil

People visiting Tuscany are often disappointed in the breads served. “I love Italian food, but the bread was so bland.” Americans are used to being served a basket of bread, often with …

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When the going gets tough, Eatalianos make art!

How we deal with adversity says a lot about us. As we move through the stages of Covid 19 – we will be challenged. Trouble abounds, how to best deal …

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Don't kiss me - Kick me

Don’t kiss me, kick me…

I just spent 6 weeks in Italy, as the Corona virus started appearing. Areas of Italy turned into ‘red zones’, and then the entire country put on ‘lock-down’. During this …

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