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Where’s home?

What do we call home?

In the US – we are Americans first, then our state (Colorado for me), then local community. We generally skip over the county – as far as how we self-identify.

Italians consider home – their town or city first, with great pride and competition. The residents of my village self-identify as ‘pomposa‘. The pompous ones. They have an intense local pride. Then they are members of the commune (what Americans think of as the county, then the locality, a mini-region, then the region i.e. toscano, (Tuscany) then finally the country – Italia.

Historically, it makes sense. They weren’t a mobile people, and the most important things socially, economically and politically were geographically close. 

Even if they’re forced to leave for jobs, even if it was 50 years ago, they still consider that little village home.

So what do you consider home?

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