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When the going gets tough, Eatalianos make art!

How we deal with adversity says a lot about us. As we move through the stages of Covid 19 – we will be challenged. Trouble abounds, how to best deal with this?

Italy is in mandatory lockdown, with everything closed down.  Circolo l’Union is a one my favorite hangouts. It’s a favorite of the locals too. A place of community for a coffee, a drink, a bite to eat. The staff keeps a good eye on kids who come after school to play games. Friends enjoy an apertivo after work. Evenings bring music and hosted intellectual discussions. It’s a place of community, where everybody knows your name. 

To bring hope and joy, during this time of isolation and fear – Felicity, a musician and friend who performs at the Circolo, created this video as she anticipates the re-opening.


 Felicity is normally a musician. In this time of full-lockdown – she took it upon herself to learn a new art and create this video. She could have spent her day sulking, drowning in the cluttered messages of social media. She took this as an opportunity to create something new, something out of her normal comfort range, for the benefit of others.

Another friend makes the most amazing sausage, and he’ hard at work making sure locals continue to eat only the best. I love his sausage so much. (He’s one of a few that I trust for salsiccia crudo – raw sausage!). Others are cooking like crazy, using this time to learn and practice the culinary arts. 

Google “Italy Music Coronavirus” and you’ll find a multitude of residents who can’t leave their homes yet sing and play for others from their balconies and rooftops. Songs to give them strength and joy.

Creating is healthy.

My friend Ennio makes and repairs musical instruments. His creations not only look beautiful, but they tickle the eardrum too.

To my artist friends – use this time to push the limits, go big, go strong, outrageous, without limits. Expand past your normal creative limits. Do something new. Push the boundaries of your tools and talents.

To my non-artists friends, now is the perfect time to start. Maybe something small (maybe not!). Tools and materials abound and needn’t be expensive. Art education is easy to find on-line. Push your limits. When we emerge from this crisis, you’ll have something to be proud of, something others can enjoy. Your gifts to the world.

Eatalianos make art. We use times of trouble to make something fantastico!

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  1. We need to keep busy and not let this difficult time get us down. I have a routine, working in the garden, cooking and getting done those jobs we put off . This cold snap is ruining the gardening.

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