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20 things to do, after visiting Italy

To maximize your visit to Italy, there are things you can do to make it an even better trip. But, different from most suggestions, these are for AFTER your return.

  1. Email someone you met while in Italy. Reinforce a relationship that could easily have been dropped. 
  2. Now, do that with three more people you met.
  3. Bonus points for sending them a letter, a card or a little something from home.
  4. Triple bonus points for calling them. Italians are big on WhatsApp. It’s free, so why not?
  5. Hide some of your edible treats. They’ll taste even better in a month or more. If it’s meat product like prosciutto or pancetta, you shouldn’t have brought it home (US customs doesn’t allow it). Be safe and mail that to me. I’ll take the risk!
  6. See if you can find some Italian treats online. Keep the spirit of good food coming!
  7. Find and support the local farmers’ market, like an Italian would. Buy local and what’s in season.
  8. Write a journal or a blog about your trip.
  9. Organize and revisit your photos. Sort. Label. Edit.  Pick Favorites. Show a friend… 
  10. Change the wallpaper and screen saver on your computer to your photos.
  11. Print some of those photos. Pick a favorite for your desk. Create a photo book. Finish by hanging a large framed image in the living room.
  12. Subscribe to a blog related to something you loved in Italy. A place, a cooking style, a travel log…
  13. Create something that reflects your trip. A meal, a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, a blog post, a song, a dance. 
  14. Repeat the above. Again and again.
  15. Reach out to friends, and share your experiences, how your trip impacted and changed you.
  16. Start those Italian language lessons that you intended to do before you went. 
  17. Connect with family. Family is so important to Italians.  
  18. Research what it would take to be a resident of Italy. What would it take to be a homeowner.
  19. Build an itinerary for your next trip. Revisit favorites and explore new places.
  20. Book your next reservation. I’ll never forget a quote I ran across,  “Never go to Italy, unless you can afford to go again”. I like the perpetuity of that commitment!
  21. Bonus: Send me a note with a story. I love all things Italy and would like to hear your experiences.


Eatalianos let Italy change their lives.

The cover image is from my good friend Vincent Burkardt. He returned to the US from his first trip to Italy inspired. (See #13). He got serious about his painting. Now’s he’s actively drawing, painting and making music. Italy was an inspiration for him, to create art for himself and others. His website is https://vjburkardt.com. Grazie Vincenzo!

8 thoughts on “20 things to do, after visiting Italy”

  1. What a nice post. Having returned from Italy less than a month ago, we are still enjoying some olive oil and aged Parmigiano we brought home with us.
    I just read on another site that this group of vintners have recently put together a case offering of organic Chianti Classico at a very good price:
    It’s a nice way to support them directly now and to bring some of Italy to your sheltering in place. 😊🍷

    1. Welcome back Laura! I just returned mid-March myself. If you’re ever near Montefioralle, visit my favorite (well one of…) butcher – Dario, in Panzano. Just 15 minutes down the road.

  2. This is such a… dream provoking list! I especially like the joke about the meat, and the quote at the end == I’ll never forget a quote I ran across, “Never go to Italy, unless you can afford to go again”. I like the perpetuity of that commitment! == I put a link on my Creative Writing Page to this, to show how a “list” can be more than merely objects.

    1. Thanks Kathleen, but regarding… the meat… No joke. I’ll take it! Wouldn’t want anyone caught with contraband goodies.

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