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Crazy Italian Drivers

Who’s crazy?

Who’s crazy?

Everyone thinks that the Italians are crazy drivers.

They pass on the right. When they pass on the left, they simply come up on you and squeeze you over to the far right of your lane leaving you with no room on either side. Who knew two cars fit into one lane? They drive fast and never use their turn signals. They disobey most traffic laws. 

The attitude is that the laws of the road in Italy are merely suggestions. Some say they’re challenges – “I’ll bet you can’t pass on this blind corner“.

A friend coached me – “brake fully depressed, accelerator fully depressed, horn fully depressed – at least one of these at all times

It doesn’t matter – big cities, or remote mountain roads – they’re all crazy!

Americans, they’re definitely not crazy, right?. They follow the rules, do what we’re told, respect the authorities – all the things a sane driver would do.

With a little research I discovered that US drivers are roughly twice as likely to be in an accident, and twice as likely to suffer a fatality as are Italians (per capita and per cars registered).

So, who’s the crazy driver?

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