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Kylie Flavell

Kylie Flavell – Filmmaker, Writer, Romantic, Empath

There are so many great bloggers writing about Italy, I want to share them, but which one to choose first. I discovered Kylie Flavell and her video blog recently, and it’s amazing. Her film making skills and storytelling, combined with the subject matter of Italy come together to inspire the viewer.
Kylie’s tagline is “Cinematic content celebrating beauty, curiosity and human connection.
There’s no way that tells the story of the beauty and emotion she expresses in her YouTube video blog.

And click here for her YouTube Channel.
Based on one of Kylies videos, I felt moved and reached out to the proprietors of Campo Base. It’s a castle, that hosts children battling critical conditions. Much like my non-profit Chase the Music, they care deeply for children and offer them magical experiences. That contact from across the globe is leading to a meeting next month, and development of musical programs for the camp.
Thanks Kylie, for the information and the inspiration!
Below is Kylie’s video that inspired me to action. 

I hope you enjoy Kylie’s work as much as I. Maybe you’ll find inspiration for yourself!

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