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Pizza on the terrace

Absolutely the best pizza

Everyone has their opinions on the ‘best pizza’ in town, in italy, in the world…

What’s funny is people listen to each other, and then disagree. They ask where the best pizza is, try it, and then disagree. What they should ask is “Where’s your favorite pizza, and why?”. In our little hamlet which within reasonable proximity are a dozen places for pizza. Ask a dozen people about the best, and you’ll get a dozen answers.

Some like it thick, some thin. Some with minimal ingredients, others more substantial. Some crisp, some chewy. Some with a little olive oil or salt, some without. Some traditional toppings, others more risque.

Of course no respectable person would ever put pineapple on a pizza. That would absolutely disqualify it from being ‘best’. That is, unless you’re that person…

So, I continue on my quest for the best. That is not the best pizza, but the one that I love the most, when I’m in that mood, on that day. Because tomorrow will be another day, I’ll be in a different mood, and something else will be better.  

For subjective things like pizza, I only eat the best. It’s the best because I know that at this moment, I’m eating the best pizza possible. Only the best for me!

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